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Namco unveils UK Tekken 6 bundles

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on 2 July 2009

UK beat ‘em up fanatics will be able to get their mitts on a pair of wallet-draining Tekken 6 Collector’s Edition bundles when the game hits stores later this year, developer Namco Bandai has confirmed.

First up, and in a similar deal for those in the U.S., Namco is offering a special arcade stick bundle featuring a copy of the game, art book, and a Hori Tekken arcade stick (described by Namco as "the best peripheral for any console") All this will set you back a whopping £149.99 GBP.

Those of you who don’t fancy shelling out that much cash, however, can plump for the second Collector’s Edition pack, which throws in a copy of Tekken 6 and a hoodie designed by the game’s art team for £69.99 GBP.

Tekken 6 is due for release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and Xbox 360. The game features the biggest character roster of the series thus far, packing in a mind-boggling 42 playable fighters. We’ll have more on the game in the coming months.