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PS3 owner sues Sony after being banned from PSN

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on 21 July 2009

The online gaming community can sometimes be a bit harsh, and one PlayStation 3 owner was apparently a bit too excessive for Sony’s liking. The player was banned from the PlayStation Network for his behavior while playing Resistance: Fall of Man and now he is fighting back with a lawsuit against Sony.

Erik Estavillo of San Jose, California believes the ban goes against his First Amendment rights. In court documents acquired by GamePolitics, The UCLA alumni is said to suffer from panic disorder, depression, Crohn’s disease, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Estavillo’s ban has caused him “pain and suffering” because the PS3 is “the only way the plaintiff can truly socialize since he also suffers from Agoraphobia.” The documents reveal that he is seeking $55,000 from Sony for his pain and suffering.

He is also accusing Sony of stealing money from users by blocking access to PSN cash acquired through PSN Redeem Cards once a user is banned from the network. Of course, Sony’s PSN user agreement clearly outlines that if your account is terminated for any reason, you will not get any kind of refund.

It will be interesting to see how this case plays out. Do you think Estavillo has a case against Sony given his medical conditions?