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Ubisoft reveals more license agreements

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Earlier we reported that Ubisoft has obtained the rights to a video game  based on Heroes. Well the news doesn’t stop there.

Ubisoft has revealed that they have right to James Cameron's 20th Century Fox movie ‘Avatar‘, due out in 2009. The rights give Ubisoft full control over adapting a next generation game based on the movie.

Furthermore, the publisher also revealed the first trailer for ‘Lost’, the video game, due out in early 2008. The game follows the story of the hit ABC TV series where players will take a role of passengers on Oceanic Flight 815.

"The video game will allow players to experience an untold adventure of Lost in an immersive, interactive world," according to Ubisoft.

The crew behind the television show already fell in love with “stunning” visuals and “imaginative” narrative effects. The game will also feature a epic battle with the eerie smoke monster, and possibly reveal secrets about the show.

Ubisoft hasn’t revealed any further specifics on the game play of either games, but both will be hot topics at this years Comic Con. Stick with PSU for upcoming news.