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New content on the PlayStation Store

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on 28 July 2007

A boatload of new content hit the US PlayStation Store in the past 24 hours.

The incredible Heavenly Sword demo is now live. Without a doubt this is absolutely a must-download demo.

Trailers of both Haze and Resident Evil 5 made their way to the store as well. However, more surprisingly, a Metal Gear Solid 4 Gameplay Demonstration was added in addition to the other relatively standard trailers.

Two Heavenly Sword images were posted to use as wallpapers. Don't be surprised if we see more wallpapers each week of various different games, as it's a relatively simple way to keep fans happy and add content.

Many movie trailers found their way onto the store including the likes of 30 Days of Night, August Rush, Across the Universe and Vacancy.

However, perhaps the biggest piece of content of all is currently tucked away in the E3 2007 section. Even in standard definition, Sony's entire E3 2007 press conference comes in at a massive 1.2 GB.

All in all, this week's update was phenomenal. Make sure to check out all of the fantastic content for yourself at the PS Store.