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Paramount offers more with Blu-ray

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Many companies have been gearing towards Blu-ray lately, but Paramount will be doing it with greater justification.

Paramount Home Entertainment will be shipping several Blu-ray disc movies that will offer more bang for the buck than the version available on HD-DVD.

Blades of Glory will be the first movie the company ships that offers more on Blu-ray. The movie will feature the lossless, or uncompressed, soundtrack of the movie with a PCM 5.1 soundtrack. Of course the movie will be in HD format but the extra feature will not be available on the rivaling HD-DVD format.

Along with Blades of Glory, Paramount will also be releasing Face/Off two weeks later. It will include special features found on DVDs but in HD format. Again these additions will not be available for the HD-DVD format.

Paramount is not doing this purely for marketing reasons, but for the fact that HD-DVD is not capable of holding all the content on one disc, and due to constraints, Paramount decided it would be best to not offer the content.

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