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Hirai says Sony will lose money on every PS3 Slim sold

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on 25 August 2009

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) head honcho Kazuo Hirai has revealed that the hardware manufacturer will make a loss on every PlayStation 3 Slim unit it shifts at retail.

Asked whether or not the company would make a loss on the machine as with the original model, Hirai told The Times Online: "If you're just talking about the hardware alone, the quick answer is yes."

Unveiled at GamesCom last Tuesday, the revamped console is pencilled in for release during the first week of September for the reduced price of $299 USD/299 EUR. PS3 Slim includes a 120GB hard drive and is approximately 33% smaller than the ‘fat’ version.

Hirai added: "That makes good headlines, but I don't actually know that that's the true nature of the business that we're all in, whether it's PlayStation, Xbox or the Wii. I think the better indicator is to look at the business as a whole platform, to ask: are you profitable in terms of the hardware, software and peripherals. And the answer to that question is yes on a gross profit level since the last fiscal year.”

The executive also stated empathically that PlayStation 2 was the first console to introduce videogames to mass-market appeal, despite credit in recent years falling in Nintendo’s lap.

"The most successful console is still the PS2 and it's still going strong. I think that's the console that really broke the barrier from videogames being just for videogamers into more of a mass market on a global basis,” he said.

"Nintendo's obviously done a great job in following that mass acceptance."