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Best Buy offering games instead of PS3 Slim exchange?

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on 25 August 2009

The new PlayStation 3 Slim is probably attractive to both current PS3 owners, and those interested in stepping up to Sony’s console. But what will big retailers do with large amounts of ‘old’ PS3 returns in exchange for the new, slimmer, larger-hard-drive PS3 Slim?

According to sources close to Kotaku, Best Buy’s solution may be to offer new games to those looking to exchange their console for a new PS3 Slim. Apparently an internal memo, distributed to stores nationwide, urges managers to offer a free copy of inFamous, MLB 09 The Show, or Killzone 2 instead of an exchange for a PS3 Slim. The memo appears to only be a recommendation.

As of now this is still a rumor, but if there is truth to the memo, it’s nice to see Best Buy has something to offer those looking to upgrade. On the other hand, many may still want to upgrade to the slimmer and larger-hard drive PS3.