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Heavy Rain dev on PS3: 'There's room for improvement'

on 26 August 2009

Quantic Dream bigwig David Cage has said there’s still plenty of room for improvement in regards to developing on PlayStation 3, noting that hotly anticipated thriller Heavy Rain marks the developer's first experience in working on the console.

"Well, you need to keep in mind that Heavy Rain is our first title on PS3. It's not the second or third generation of games on the same platform. We've just discovered the platform right now. So yeah, there's plenty of room for improvement I'm sure,” Cage told the chaps at VideoGamer.com

"At Quantic Dream we know we can do much better than what we do here,” he added.

Heavy Rain sports some of the most impressive visuals seen on Sony’s black box to date (or any other platform, for that matter), and is currently pencilled in for release exclusively on PS3 in early 2010.