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Sony expecting big things from Gran Turismo PSP

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on 4 September 2009

Sony’s UK product manager Claire Backhouse has said that the console maker is expecting Gran Turismo PSP to contribute to a substantial boost in PSP sales following the game’s launch early next month.

Due out on October 1 alongside the PSP Go, the handheld racing title is to be backed up by a “hefty” marketing campaign, with Sony predicting the game to attract “huge” interest from consumers.

“As one of the most well loved PlayStation franchises ever, GT on PSP is gearing up to be a big hit,” said Backhouse. “We expect it to be a real hardware shifter, coming out the same time as PSPgo on both the new console and the original PSP 3000.”

“I think consumer interest and demand for this game is going to be huge, and awareness will be high due to our hefty marketing campaign,” she continued.

Sony finally lifted the lid on GT PSP at E3 earlier this year, confirming the game will ship with a whopping 800 of the hottest motors from leading manufacturers and 30 tracks. The game doesn’t look half bad either, Backhouse added, saying, “The physics and gameplay are just superb as well – it’s a beautiful looking game.”

“This will also be bolstered with other, potentially outdoor, marketing and a online and press campaign, as well as extensive PR.”

As you might have already guessed, Gran Turismo PSP secured itself a position in our top ten games for Q4 2009, which you can read here.