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PSN Title 'THEY' to be unveiled at Leipzig

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For those sick of first person shooters, you may have to clear your appetite for one more. 'They', which is dubbed a "first person mystery shooter", may have just become one of the most anticipated titles of the convention.

According to the developer, the game will be set in the near future. Visuals do not appear to be the only priority, as the game is purported to utilize a brand new engine which will accommodate for thrilling and abundant physics effects, eye-popping graphics, remarkably intelligent and diverse AI opponents, destructible terrain , heroes that will be identifiable with, an intense single and multiplayer, and a new weapon system that will make gamers "love their guns".

Besides these small tidbits, not much else has been released at this point about the title, including more about the plot of the game and why the new weapon system will be so appealing. With the convention a month away, gamers will just have to wait with baited breath.

Source: C&VG