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Eidos CEO: PS3 offers good value for money

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on 31 July 2007

Bill Gardner, CEO of Eidos, has said that Sony’s PlayStation 3 offers consumers ideal value for money due to its features as a multimedia entertainment unit, but, even following a recent price cut, feels that the system may not be suitable for mass market consumption just yet.

"Sony is a big company. They know what they are doing”, said Gardner, during an interview with this week. However, he added: "I don’t think [the price cut] is enough to reach the mass consumer, but I think it is enough to get it moving again, and it will move a little bit further, and they’ll need to do it again and it will move a bit further."

Despite this, Gardner noted that the consoles added functionality as a Blu-ray player offers consumers good value for money, a factor that would likely attract new buyers given the price of standard high-definition movie players. “Go buy an HD or a Blu-ray player. Go ahead. Tell me what it costs you. Then take a look at the PS3," he observed.

"I don’t think [PS3 is too expensive. I do think we’ll start to see additional people pick it up and use it, maybe not necessarily exclusively as a game player but as a Blu-ray player and a game player, and there is an advantage to that."

The 60GB unit currently retails across North America for USD 499, with an 80GB SKU is scheduled to ship in the region from August 1st.