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MGS4 in March 08, all to be revealed at TGS?

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on 1 August 2007

Konami's recent financial analysis meeting has revealed important information for all fans of Metal Gear Solid. Apparently, MGS4 will launch in March 2008, and a solid release date for MGS4 will be announced at TGS.

A Japanese insider who attended the meeting revealed these bullet points:

• Metal Gear Solid 4's exact release date will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show.

• President Fumiaki Tanaka of Konami Digital Entertainment stated that release is likely Q4 March 2008

• President Tanaka also stated, "As we are aware of the popularity and hardware-driving power of this software franchise, going forwards we are open to taking this franchise across to other platforms."

These have not been fully verified, so don't jump to conclusions just yet. Also, on the third point, keep in mind that Tanaka said franchise, not Metal Gear Solid 4. There's no way we are reviving that rumor.

Source: Kotaku