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Uncharted never considered to be a launch title

Screenshots and videos of Naughty Dog's latest project, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, have certainly impressed a fair amount of gamers. While the game was once considered to be a potential launch title for the PlayStation 3, all chances evaporated right before the console's launch.

We now know that Naughty Dog simply wanted more to time to understand the architecture of Sony's new console. "We wanted time to really understand the hardware," answered Evan Wells, co-president of Naughty Dog, when OPM touched on the subject.

Wells went on to talk about how developers were working together to ensure that mistakes were not repeated as developers learned more about the inner workings of the PlayStation 3.

"Games have become so complex now that it's great to have this close friend in a developer like Insomniac, we talk probably once every three or four weeks about something or other"

However, you won't see them sharing any code. Rather, they are content talking more about the technology driving this new generation of gaming, which in the end, is a win-win situation for gamers.

"We don't exchange any code, but it's more about sharing the talent we both have and not making the same mistakes."

Source : OPM / GR