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SCEE reveals Heavy Rain: Collector's Edition

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on 21 December 2009

The folks over on the official European PlayStation Blog have lifted the lid on a swanky Collector’s Edition release of Quantic Dream’s forthcoming PS3 thriller Heavy Rain.

Seen below, the CE comes packaged in a specialised ‘rain-effect’ slipcase, which, thanks to some snazzy manufacturing tricks among others, looks as if it’s coated in 3D raindrops.

The meat of the package, however, comes in the form of a Voucher allowing consumers to download additional content for the game via PlayStation Network. See below for a description.

-Heavy Rain: Chronicle 1 – The Taxidermist – Experience Madison’s dangerous investigation in full, before it’s available on the PlayStation Store.

-The Heavy Rain Official Soundtrack – Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios, and filled with the powerful orchestral themes that form a key part of the experience of playing Heavy Rain.

-Dynamic XMB theme – Lend a little Heavy Rain ambience to your XMB.

Those of you who don’t fancy shelling out for the Collector’s Edition will still be able to get your hands on the DLC shortly after the release of Heavy Rain in early 2010. Stay tuned for more info on the game as it breaks.