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Upcoming Blu-ray releases

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Blu-ray is leading the way for the next generation format for movies. The movies keep pouring in, studios are remaining loyal, and the prices are becoming more justified with improved features on discs.

So what movies could you be buying for you Blu-ray player or PS3?

PSU is back with the second edition of upcoming movies soon to be available for Blu-ray!

This week's new releases:

300 (Action) $23
Shooter (Action, Thriller) $28
Blue Planet (IMAX) (Documentary) $20
Roving Mars (IMAX) (Documentary) $23

Upcoming Releases:

Aug 07, 2007

TMNT (Action, Animation, Comedy) $23
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Fantasy, Animation) $20
Disturbia (Thriller) $27
Arlington Road (Mystery, Thriller) $20
Are We Done Yet (Comedy) $26

Aug 14, 2007

Wild Hogs (Comedy) $23
Vacancy (Thriller) $26
The Lookout (Drama) $23
Doctor Strange (Animation) $20

Pre-Order Highlights

Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Release date Dec 04, 2007) $23
Spider-Man 3 (Release date October 30, 2007) $50 (Special Edition $100)