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Sony talks monthly PSN fees again; more on PS3 downloadable games

on 3 February 2010

The PlayStation Network has been touted by gamers, not just because of the content on the PlayStation Store, but also because the service is free. That may all change someday as we’ve heard repeated remarks from Sony executives that the company is considering charging for some of its PSN services. We’ve seen questionnaires sent to our U.K. readers about what services they’d like to see in a paid PSN account, and we’ve heard from Sony’s Masayuki Chatani about the possibility of monthly-fee for a premium account. In a recent interview with IGN, Sony senior VP of marketing Peter Dille says the possibility of per-fee PSN is “something that [Sony’s] actively thinking about.”

Sony still has no official announcement about paid subscriptions, since the company is trying to determine “the best way to approach” the topic.

If you enjoyed downloadable PlayStation 3 games, you may not have many more to put on your system in the near future. Dille said it is not likely Sony will release more full PS3 games. He said the decision is largely based on the size of a game. As a Blu-ray disc contains 50GBs, Dille said most gamers do not want to wait around for such a large file to download.