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Star Trek: Conquest announced for PS2!

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Amazing news in the land of ‘Trekkies’ arrived today with the announcement of Star Trek: Conquest. Fans of the hit Bethesda game, Star Trek: Legacy, now have even more to look forward this holiday season.

The new game will take place in the ‘Next Generation’ era of the hit television series and focus mainly on the empire expansion and real-time space battles. Gamers who decide to purchase this title will choose a specific denomination (i.e. Klingon) and head out to take over the universe.

This PS2 title will ship surprisingly cheap at $19.99 USD and most assuredly be a hit this Christmas. PSU would like to make note of the support still given to PS2 and the future that it holds. While the majority of developers and studios are focusing on next-gen games, it is good to see that some are focusing on both.

Watch PSU for future news pertaining to this title.