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HD-DVD supporters pressure Microsoft

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on 6 October 2004

The next generation Xbox may end up using the HD-DVD media format if certain Japanese electronics giants get their way...

Today at the CEATEC technology exhibition, near Tokyo, an NEC manager commented that they are working hard to get Microsoft to use the HD-DVD format in the next Xbox console. During a separate interview Toshiba President, Tadashi Okumura said “of course we’d like them (Microsoft) to use it."

Both Toshiba and NEC are strong backers of the HD-DVD (High Definition Digital Versatile Disk) and it is the main rival to the Blu-Ray format, which is backed by Sony and a large number of other big companies. This news seems to be a direct counter to the recent news that Sony Computer Entertainment will be incorporating Blu-Ray into its PlayStation 3 console. Interestingly enough, Toshiba are actually working with Sony on the Cell processor, a key component of the PS3.

In response to the invitations from NEC and Toshiba, Microsoft Japan Xbox spokesperson Asako Miyata commented to Bloomberg Japan, "We cannot make comments on specifics regarding the next generation system." Microsoft has promised to reveal details on the successor to Xbox at next year's E3 show, set for May.