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Europe gets independent Blu-ray production

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Infodisc, a German optical disc manufacturer, has announced they will team up with Oerlikon to receive BD-ROM manufacturing equipment. In the coming days, Infodisc plans to install the hardware and become the first independent Blu-ray disc manufacturer in the Europe.

Infodisc independently manufacturing Blu-ray disc makes it possible for smaller, Independent, companies to distribute in the Blu-ray format. Since access to the Blu-ray equipment is easier and less expensive, more “smaller” companies in Europe are jumping on board the Blu-ray band wagon.

Michael Gotowski, CEO at Infodisc stated:

"We've evaluated the available Blu-ray production equipment and were primarily impressed by Oerlikon. The INDIGO line is approved by major replicators, features an excellent cover layer process and is mature for Blu-ray mass production."

Currently the companies can only produce BD-25s, but Oerlikon is working with Sony to develop a wet embossing process. Oerlikon expects to launch a BD-50 upgrade later this year.

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