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Win an HD lifestyle

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In association with the Center for Urban Research and Policy at Columbia University, Panasonic will be granting 30 families with HD lifestyles through a new yearly contest. Families can visit the official site here to fill out a entry form.

All families that enter must write essays, take pictures, and fill out personal information to qualify. Once all entries are submitted Director Brett Ratner and Writer/Director/Actor Kevin Smith will then select 30 winners based on creativity and other “special” qualifications.

The winners of the contest will receive $20,000 in HD products, including a Panasonic Blu-ray disc player. The only catch behind winning is each family must document their experiences, participate in monthly challenges, and complete surveys/interviews based on using the equipment.

The contest is Panasonic's way of boosting the market into the HD era, especially for those that can't afford the current high costs associated everything HD. Panasonic plans to continue the promotion by granting 3 families a year, after the initial year, with the same privileges.

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