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Sakaguchi: GoW is 'good,' thinks opening is too 'long'

22 March 2010

Hironobu Sakaguchi, founder of developer Mistwalker, has labelled God of War III a “good game,” though conceded he finds the intro sequence a little long winded.

Writing on Twitter, Sakaguchi said of the intro, “It’s nicely done, but you don’t need this. It’s movie-like, but you don’t need long openings in games.” We're slightly baffled by this, considering this is the individual responsible for creating the Final Fantasy series, which over the years has become synonymous with its copious CGI and dialogue sequences.

Fear not, Kratos fans. He still lapped up the critically acclaimed action sequel, adding, “Sorry, my English is poor. lol Now I’m playing GoW3 and write some comments. This is [a] good game.”

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