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PlayStation 3 to be a...chauffer?

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The annual DARPA challenge is an event where cars are modified to drive themselves without any human input. San Diego based group Axion Racing wanted to try something different, so they decided to tap in to the power of the Cell BE Microprocessor. They strapped a PlayStation 3 running Linux to the external cameras and programmed the it to guide the car through a simulated military supply mission in a mock urban area.

Axion Racing's Team Leader Bill Kehaly expects great things from his team's PS3. "We felt having cars drive themselves was getting a little too easy, so we threw the Sony PlayStation into our bag of tricks,"

"We like to think out of the box, using the latest publicly available computer boxes, and we only use boxes that help raise us above our competition," stated Kehaly.

This just adds another notch in PS3’s belt which already includes gaming, a home entertainment hub and contributions to disease research via Folding@home.

Source: eMediawire

Editor Says...

I expected something from our good friend Ken "The Father of PlayStation" Kutaragi after reading the title of this piece. Maybe next time eh?