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Heavenly Sword producer hits back at Itagaki

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on 6 August 2007

Kyle Shubel, producer of the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavenly Sword, has responded to criticism from Team Ninja's Itagaki Tomonobu who in recent interview with EGM labelled the game as “half assed.”

Itagaki, an outspoken critic of other developers and game series stated “I’ve never played a good game where the developers put a big icon of the button you’re supposed to press onscreen. I look at Heavenly Sword and it seems really half-assed, because it’s asking you to do all these button-timing sequences but you are not getting much payoff from it.”

The disparaging comments immediately provoked a response from Shubel, who replied: “My response to Mr. Itagaki would be that the intent of the Hero sequences is to empower the player to experience events that would be nearly impossible to play in a natural platforming state… for example, making the player run down ropes, leaping from rope to rope as they’re being cut from underneath you, all while dodging other objects - that would be a frustrating experience to 99 percent of our users if we were to force them to do that manually.”

In related news, the latest issue of PlayStation Magazine details several new features on the game, including the proposed availability of six anime clips on PlayStation Network, which will be used to tell the game’s story. No further details are available at this time, however. In addition, the article reveals that motion-sensing controls in the game have also been improved upon, and confirms the title will include a total of 48 missions spread across six acts.

Heavenly Sword is scheduled for release in North America from September 12th; stay tuned to PSU for a full review in the near future.

Source: Gamers-Creed