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Crytek "would love to move on to Crysis 3"

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on 9 April 2010

Frank Kitson, Senior Art Director at Crytek, has revealed to PSU that the studio "would love to move on to Crysis 3" after development of Crysis 2 has concluded.

While discussing sci-fi author Richard Morgan's contributions to Crysis 2, Kitson mentioned that he "[hopes Morgan is] around for Crysis 3, because he's brought a new dimension to the whole picture."

When we probed further, Kitson explained that, if Crysis 2 is a financial success, then Crysis 3 is essentially an inevitability, as the Crytek team is extremely eager to continue the franchise.


"Well, I mean, everybody in the studio would love to move on to Crysis 3," explained Kitson. "We hope and pray that, based on the success of Crysis 2, there's a reason to do Crysis 3. So yeah, everybody here would just love to do it."

And gamers would undoubtedly love to play it. So, if you want Crytek to continue the Crysis franchise, vote with your wallets when the game hits store shelves this holiday season.

Be sure to check out our full, info-packed interview with Kitson on all things Crysis 2 when it's posted later today.