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Square: 3rd Birthday will 'exceed expectations'

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on 20 April 2010

Square Enix has boasted that its forthcoming PSP-exclusive shooter The 3rd Birthday will “exceed expectations.”

Writing in a Twitter post on the Square Enix Japanese Members Page, the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, further commented that the developer is hoping to offer gamers another glimpse at the project soon.

“We should have a chance to show it off shortly,” said Tabata, before adding that the “cream of the crop” at Square are working on the title. Good to know, then.

For those out of the loop, The 3rd Birthday is officially a spin-off to classic PSX horror series Parasite Eve, though fans perceive it as a genuine sequel and third entry in the franchise. The game was previously made available on Japanese mobile phones.

Hopefully we’ll receive more on the game at E3. Stay tuned.