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God of War III director talks alternate endings

on 29 April 2010

God of War III’s Stig Asmussen has divulged some juicy details surrounding the alternate story paths that the series’ former directors had in mind for Kratos’ epic swansong.

"What David Jaffe talked about doing was basically, you destroy Greek mythology and then Norse mythology is right around the corner,” revealed Asmussen, during a chinwag with GamePro.

"It becomes clear at the end that he's going to become this harbinger of death across different mythologies in the world and maybe carry the series on from there."

"Cory Barlog talked about Kratos becoming Death. He pretty much becomes the Grim Reaper at the end of the game and his blades become sickles."

Ultimately, while admitting he thought both ideas had legs, Asmussen opted not to use them as he felt he would not have been as passionate about the story:

“They're both incredibly good ideas, but you need a director to be passionate about the story and understand it intimately. If I had used Dave or Cory's idea, I wouldn't have been as passionate about it."

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