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300 Blu-ray Breaks High-Def Sales Records

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Time Warner reported earlier today that their Helenican hit, "300" has become the fastest selling high definition movie of all time, moving more than a quarter million copies in less than a week.

Time Warner noted that consumers picked up "300" on Blu-ray by almost a 2:1 margin over HD-DVD, signifying a trend which USAToday reports has been the story since the beginning of the year. As the sales numbers consistently return postively for Blu-ray, Sony's format continues to outpace HD-DVD.

Here at PSU we find ourselves asking if Microsoft might not be forced to move to the downloadable distribution model next generation, which Bill Gates proposed several years ago. One thing is certain: Blu-Ray is Sony's innovation and unless HD-DVD is able to turn something around fast, the format is destined to be mothballed.

Source: USAToday