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Rumor Control: Bioshock For PS3 (Spring 2008?)

While talking to developers Bioshock, the game that won the 2007 Game Critics Award for Best Action game, will be coming to the PS3 sometime in the near future.

BioShock is a title from 2K that fuses a scary atmosphere illustrated with horrific scenes, a deep storyline with an open-ended freedom to interact with anything and anyone, and a gameplay facet which incorporates actual thinking instead of raw gun power and a Hell Mary. Originally announced for all next generation consoles, BioShock appeared to be shaping up into an amazing multiplatform adventure. Soon after on September 26th, 2006, Microsoft announced that BioShock would be “released exclusively to the X-Box 360 and PC platforms this spring” at their X06 event. Soon after, Take Two Interactive released a press statement detailing BioShock's exclusivity: “2K is excited to release BioShock exclusively on Xbox 360 and under the Games for Windows brand on the PC.”

There was positive discussion almost to the point of confirmation that this title would hit for the PlayStation 3 next spring. While there have been various sources since X06 that claimed a PS3 version was in development, it would seem not a question of whether it's true at this point, but when it will happen. Despite our confidence in the integrity of our information however, we must emphasize that this is still a rumor, and Take Two has not officially confirmed this with us yet.

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