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SEGA 'thinking' about Saturn games for PSN/XBL

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on 1 July 2010

SEGA has hinted that the company may release downloadable Saturn games for PSN/XBL later down the line, though conceded the platform didn’t match the global success of the Genesis and Dreamcast, hence why the latter is first out the door.

Chatting with Impress Watch, SEGA’s producer for Dreamcast re-releases, Yosuke Okunari, commented, "When you look globally the Genesis and Dreamcast are well known, but Saturn is unknown.”

"During that period, PlayStation and Nintendo 64 were a success overseas, but to be honest Saturn was not a success. Because of this, we decided on Dreamcast."

However, Okunari revealed that the Japanese giant is also looking at porting Saturn titles over to Sony and Microsoft’s online services, and encouraged fans to share their requests: “What we announced this time is a project where we will have consecutive releases of titles that were debuted on Dreamcast."

“Separate from this, we're of course thinking about ports of Saturn games. It's the same as how Sega Ages and Virtual Console were separate existences. It's not that we have no intention of porting Saturn titles, so please share your requests."

The first Dreamcast games will be heading to PSN/XBL later this year in the form of Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi.