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Bethesda's unannounced title, "a lot of game" to play right now

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on 16 August 2010

Just what is Bethesda’s unannounced new game? For now, that’s anybody’s guess, but we do know it is actually “pretty far along.” Speaking with Eurogamer, executive producer Todd howard stated the unannounced game is far along and has some 90 people working on it. The good news: Howard believes the time between the game’s announcement and the actual launch will be the shortest the studio’s ever had.

He told Eurogame, “One thing I can say is that from when you first hear about it to when it's out will be the shortest it's been for us. It's pretty far along. When we show it, we want to show a lot, because there's a lot of game there to play right now.”

Bethesda has been working on the project for more than two years. Howard also stated that the game will work on existing consoles, meaning it’s not a PC-exclusive game, or we don’t have to wait for next gen. The new game will run on the same engine that powered Fallout 3 with some significant improvements. He says Fallout 3 was a big jump from Oblivion, and the new game will be an even bigger jump from Fallout 3.