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Virtua Tennis 4 to feature Move and 3D support

on 17 August 2010

A new Virtua Tennis game will bring 3D and PlayStation Move compatibility to the popular tennis franchise. Virtua Tennis 4, slated for release in 2011, was shown at Sony’s press conference during GameCom.

As detailed in a press release from Sega, the game is said to offer even more realistic gameplay. By using Move, players will do more than just hit the ball. How they angle the racquet, put spin on the ball, and how much power they add to their swing will have a direct impact in game. The game will also support 3D technology.

“Virtua Tennis 4 is a fantastic example of how our 3rd Party partners are seeing the potential not just in PlayStation Move, but also 3D,” said Simon Rutter, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing at SCEE. “The combination of both Move and 3D offers an entirely new gaming experience and one that has the potential to completely change how people interact with their entertainment. Virtua Tennis 4 shows how this technology can be implemented and we are very excited to be working with SEGA on this.”

“We have always strived to provide a tennis experience that is both true to the sport and great fun to play, and we are continuing to work with Sony to make this happen”, commented Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SEGA Europe and SEGA America. “With Virtua Tennis 4 being developed for PlayStation Move and featuring 3D technology, the boundaries of realism in sports video games are being pushed even further.”