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Haze Dev: PSN Offers More Freedom

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Free Radical states that the PlayStation Network (PSN) offers more freedom to developers than X-Box Live.

"The disadvantage of the Sony stuff is that there isn't as much defined by Sony as to how you have to do things - they leave it very much up to you"

- Derek Littlewood, project leader on Haze

He goes on to state that on one hand, it's a disadvantage because developers under-deliver compared to Live---if they are not able to plan anything themselves. But at the same time, it's not as strongly defined, and they have the freedom to do what is more suitable to their game.

Derek later states that with the freedom offered, not only are developers able to create an online experience that's suitable to them, but allows for them to do continual testing.

"You see some games with the Live interface, where they might have been able to innovate and alter things round and make things work better than Live, but they can't because they have to conform with Microsoft's standards on that, whereas on the PlayStation Network you have the freedom to do things in the way you want to."

PSU is very happy to see developers are given more freedom than the other competitors online service, and continues to hope Sony simply do what they do and offer what they offer---freedom.


Haze Dev: PSN Gives More Freedom