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EA Partners hopes Insomniac title will exceed 90% meta rating

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on 7 September 2010

David DeMartini, head of EA Partners, has said the company is hoping its forthcoming multiplatform project with Insomniac Games will eclipse the 90 percent review average on Metacritic. 

“Insomniac makes really high-quality experiences that consumers love, and they’re doing that again,” said DeMartini, during a chinwag with Eurogamer at GamesCom last month.

“They are breaking some ground with regards to gameplay. But I’m not going to sit here and say, ‘Yeah, they’re going 4D.’

“Insomniac regularly has set a bar at 90 in Metacritic. I think this game is going to exceed that bar. It is a really great creative idea that they’re executing on marvellously so far,” he added.

The game will mark the first time developer Insomniac Games has produced a title for a console other than the PlayStation, and from the sound of things, it won’t be long before we finally clap eyes on the mystery project for the first time.

“I think sooner rather than later we’re going to be sharing some early concepts on that one because they’ve made so much progress. They’re in a great position.”

The unnamed title is being developed over at Insomniac’s main base of operations in Burbank, California alongside Resistance 3. Meanwhile, the firm’s North Carolina-based studio are busy working on the next instalment in the Ratchet & Clank franchise, titled All4One.