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Capcom's Inafune keen to work with Dead Rising 2 dev again

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on 8 September 2010

Dead Rising 2 producer Keiji Inafune has let slip that he would welcome the idea of working with Canadian-based studio Blue Castle Games again if the opportunity should arise.

Inafune’s comments come following an interview with IGN, where the site quizzed him as to whether or not Blue Castle would return for a potential sequel to Dead Rising 2:

“Well, we’re not going to start even speaking about DR3 until we see the sales of DR2– unfortunately that’s the nature of the game. However, the experience with Blue Castle was very positive, and if we have the opportunity I would like to work with them again.”

Set five years after the original zombie slaying extravaganza, Dead Rising 2 casts players in the shoes of former motocross champion Chuck Greene, who must survive for 72 hours while trapped inside an undead infested Fortune City. Here, Greene must battle hordes of flesh-hungry corpses, rescue any civilians and attempt to procure the virus suppressant Zombrex for his infected daughter, Katey.

Dead Rising 2 will be shambling on to store shelves across Europe on September 24. A U.S. release follows on September 28.