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Ninja Gaiden Sigma sold 500k copies

Tecmo, in a press release, announced that its first PlayStation 3 title Ninja Gaiden Sigma has a total of more or less 500,000 copies in circulation worldwide which is impressive for a game that has only been out for a couple of months.

Bringing the classic to the PlayStation 3, Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a more "complete version" of the Xbox Team Ninja title, with new moves, actions, and weapons for Hayabusa. Also, a lot of changes other changes have been implemented by Tecmo in this next-gen iteration, such as improved graphics, enemy AI, as well as the addition of a new playable character, Rachel.

The title gets its third release in Ninja Gaiden Sigma exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Sigma is essentially a fusion of the original game and Black, offering up some of Black's additions like the Mission mode, while going back to beyond the original difficulty level.

As Ryu Hayabusa you are out to seek revenge after your clan is massacred by the Vigor Empire. You play with only your wits, your deadly sword, and your ninja values. Slice down opponents in the Vigor Empire as you attempt to beat the Holy Emperor and reclaim the magic sword "Ryuken".

Coming September 6th, 2007 prepare to expand your gameplay with the collective "Survival Mode" exclusive content pack.

Source: Tecmo Press Release