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Warhawk dated and priced for UK

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Experience the thrill of aerial combat with hundreds of enemy fighters, armored assaults and high-intensity infantry combat in a massive, all-out war fought both on the ground and in the skies in Warhawk, Sony's massive multiplayer-only game.

The Incog creation will be released on the PlayStation Network in the UK on August 28 and will cost £19.99. On September 21, the game will be released on Blu-ray and will come packaged with a Jabra bluetooth headset for £39.99.

Through various gameplay modes such as Team Deathmatch, Territories Mode and Capture the Flag, players engage in cooperative play or fend for themselves against enemies in thrilling and daring combat. During battle, players can take command of the most advanced war machine in the fleet, the Warhawk, capable of aerobatic dogfights at high speeds or hovering over ground troops providing tactical support.

Players can continue the battle on foot with an myriad selection of weaponry including rifles, flame throwers, grenades and more.

PSU cannot wait to feel the thrill of aerial and ground combat in Warhawk. We hope to see your flying prowess this August 28th!