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Wii-style peripherals coming to PS2

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Feel left out of the next-generation console race? Well look no further because In2Games has announced their PlayStation 2 motion-sensing accessories will debut at the Leipzig Gaming Convention.

The first six games of the franchise will enter the market this holiday season and retail at £29.99. Each game released will mimic the wireless controller counterpart and will include:

1. Realplay Tennis
2. Realplay Pool
3. Realplay Golf
4. Realplay Racing
5. Realplay Bowling
6. Realplay Puzzlesphere

Elliott Myers, CEO of In2Games, stated “The Realplay range of games is aimed squarely at those PS2 owners who want to play wireless motion-sensing games without needing to splash out on a new console.” An interesting attack on a niche market that at this point could go either way. On the other hand, In2Games did secure £7.6 million in capital to develop the technology so there must be some interest.

In closing, Mayers stated, “Each peripheral is as accurate as any video gaming technology out there at the moment, but on an entirely new format. The games are fun, challenging and highly addictive…” trying once again to bang home the new product line. It seems like a nice touch for the PS2 especially at that price point. With the PS2s penetration rate, there is little reason to think otherwise.

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Source: MCV