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Dev says Yu Suzuki wanted Shenmue on PS3 or 360

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on 11 October 2010

A former employee of SEGA who worked on the audio component for Shenmue has said that he is “certain” legendary game designer Yu Suzuki wanted to release a third instalment in the long-lost adventure series for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Ex-sound creator Osamu Murata made the comments in light of the announcement of Shenmue Town for mobile platforms, though didn’t mince his words over his feelings towards the new project, seeing it as an indication of a drop in quality.

"I have complicated feelings about Shenmue appearing on Yahoo! Mobage," Tweeted Murata. "I actually worked on Shenmue, working quite a bit with Yu (Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki). However, Yahoo! Mobage is being started up by a friend of mine.

"What makes this complicated for me is that Yu has lowered the quality. Shenmue above all else required top quality. There was no compromise for quality in Shenmue, and if there was compromise, Yu would get extremely angry as us.”

"When I think about the the current state of Sega and Yu that required Shenmue to become a light game, I have complicated feelings," he added

Elsewhere, and in comments that are sure to strike a nerve with fans clamouring for the release of a Shenmue III, Murata added: "I'm certain that he wanted to release Shenmue on PS3 or Xbox. This is definitely not how Yu feels about Shenmue.”

"The sound of the bikes, the sound of glass, the facial motion of kids, how the flags were made to stand, the walking motion, the running motion, the pursuit of beauty for the female characters. He worked so hard even if he would collapse or get sick."

Shenmue originally hit the Dreamcast in the U.S. and UK back in late 2000, with a sequel turning up on shelves the following year. Since then it’s all gone quiet in regards to Ryu Hazuki’s epic quest for revenge, though SEGA itself has admitted it still thinks “highly” of the series.