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Exit Games announces Mobile to PS3 support

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Exit Games, the mobile gaming platform, announced support of the PS3 and Wii today. Neutron 4.0 is the industry leading mobile multiplayer platform allowing advanced community connectivity, cross platform development, and in game billing regardless of media device.

Harald Behnke, CEO of Exit Games stated, "Neutron continues to lead the way with innovations that enhance social gaming capabilities...Cross-platform connectivity enables our customers to build game communities that reach over three billion devices, making Neutron a much anticipated multiplayer solution for true mass market casual gaming." A promising notion with the implementation of HOME just around the corner.

With over $4.6 million in venture capitol gathered in March, Exit Games is on the fast track of product development. Coupled with the adoption from THQ and Vivendi Games, Neutron 4.0 could be on the rise.

Phil Harrison's brief example of the XMB on his cell phone during E3, gaming technology of this medium could be ready to take center stage. Keep a close eye on PSU for more information on Exit Games and what it brings.