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SCEA: We shipped 1 million Moves in North and Latin America

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on 22 October 2010

The PlayStation Move appears to be selling well as Sony Computer Entertainment America today announced it has shipped more than 1 million units in North and Latin America in the first 30 days of availability. Of course, exact sales figures have not been made available, but we expect to hear more by the end of the month.

“PlayStation Move is the most recent example of how product innovation continues to provide our customers with new and exciting ways to enjoy our technology,” said Jack Tretton, Chief Executive Officer, Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. “We’ve shipped over one million units in the first month in North and Latin America. Retail demand is incredibly strong and we’re working hard to keep the product in stock. We believe consumers have already shown their preference for a precise, interactive game experience. We are on target to meet our end of year goals and expect sales to increase as our publishers and developers continue to update popular titles and introduce new games.”

It’s important to remember that SCEA announced that it has shipped more than 1 million units, not that it has sold that many. There are 24 titles currently available featuring Move support—both new and older games that received an update. It should also be noted that today’s press release does not explain what is counted: single Move wands, PS Eyes, etc. It’s also hard to judge how many homes are now equipped with Move as some may have bought two, or more.