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EU PSN to see large Leipzig update

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on 21 August 2007

The European PlayStation Store has been in a rather dismal state as of late. While the Americas received a bounty of content last week (DiRT and NCAA Football '08 demos the most notable items), the EU Store managed to cough up only a petty Armored Core 4 demo.

However, it appears that SCEE will be giving the EU Store a surprise early update this week to coincide with their Leipzig press conference. Available on Wednesday will be not only a mass of trailers from the conference, but an English language version of the Folklore demo.

This should please those looking to get their hands on the enchanting Folklore without being befuddled by confusing Japanese. Be sure to act quick though, as the demo will apparently only be available for a limited time.

No word on what if any of this content is set to come to the US PlayStation Store, so it seems that Europeans will finally receive a chance to have the last laugh over any Americans this week.