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David Cage shoots down Horizon rumors

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on 22 October 2010

Quantic Dream boss David Cage has quashed on-going rumors claiming that the developer’s next title is codenamed Horizon.

The web has been rife with speculation surrounding the Heavy Rain studio’s next game for the past few months now, with the general consensus among Internet rumor mongers pointing to a new title by the name of Horizon.

However, Cage was quick to set the record straight during a chat with the folks at OMP UK: "There's no project called Horizon currently in development at Quantic Dream,” he said.

"This is a codename that one of our partners used in casting sessions along with an unrelated script to avoid leaks from actors."

"It seems it was definitely a wise decision."

Despite this, he reiterated that the company is in the process of working on two new projects with the goal of formulating new ways in which we interact with games, just as the PS3-exclusive Heavy Rain achieved.

More as it breaks.