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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Preview

on 5 October 2011

The Counter-Strike series is by now, one of the most revered competitive first person shooters in all of gaming history. Championing a server based bias to cut down on host advantages, a ping under ten milliseconds is as important as the twitch reactions of meerkat. If you have no idea what any of that means, be prepared to find out soon enough as Valve takes Counter-Strike on a Global Offensive across all platforms.

If you’ve ever played Counter Strike: Source, you’ll be happy to know that the CS:GO is just an enhanced version of CS:S. CS:GO now has radial menus in place of lists to buy guns from, which is easier for those playing with a controller. Otherwise it plays exactly the same, and you can even plug in a mouse and keyboard. Oh, and that awesome PC modification called "Gun Game" that Treyarch stole for Black Ops? Valve has given their official support to mod's developers and will include it in the final product.

Other than that, I think you can be on your way now.

Of course there are people that haven’t played CS:S, so let’s break down the game. Counter-Strike is very much like the old breed of online PC shooters, which was comprised mainly of twitch gaming. Twitch games allow you to forgo some strategy as long as your reactions are fast enough. While CS definitely allows you to have tactics and work together as a team, the gunplay favoured the players with a better reaction time and accuracy.

One of Counter-Strike's most popular modes is bomb defusal, otherwise referred to as "DE", which was the inspiration for Call of Duty's Demolition game mode. This is the mode where the terrorist team needs to plant C4 on the objective, while the counter-terrorists attempt to stop them and defuse any successfully planted bombs. You may have seen ‘de_dust’ thrown around when Counter-Strike is mentioned, this is the bomb defusal mode on the popular Dust map. You should expect to see an upgrade to this in Global Offensive as well.

One of the key mechanics in Counter-Strike is purchasing equipment between rounds. If you did well enough you might be able to purchase an assault rifle or flash bang grenades, and there is an element of saving some money for the next round as well. Also in CS:GO are customisable load outs, which allow you to create a number of different weapon and item combinations for different situations and buy them all at the press of a button.

It really is just CS:Source with updated visuals and some minor new features, but being able to bring this legendary series to consoles with better graphics and a degree of cross platform play is a most worthwhile update.

Stay Tuned.