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Anarchy Reigns Preview

on 6 October 2011

Platinum Games are bringing more stylish over the top action to consoles in their latest title Anarchy Reigns. Billed as an online action combat game by the guys at Platinum, players duke it out in hand-to-hand combat with characters from Wii game MadWorld, as well as a selection of brand new characters that could well be rejects from Vanquish and Bayonetta.

We had hands on with a 4 player timed death match atop an aircraft carrier. As well as being able to move around freely in all three dimensions, the level itself was as much a weapon as your fists.

The combat in the game is striving for that perfect balance of easy to pick up but difficult to master. Using a mixture of light and heavy attacks as well as throws, it’s your task to beat the living daylights out of any opponents that cross your path. Using the right mixture of light and heavy allows you to dial up combos, stunning or throwing back your opponent.

Each character also has a special weapon, activated by holding down L2. These are much slower to your usual attacks, but catching a couple of foes off guard as they fight it out between themselves is the perfect opportunity to unleash a devastating combo while they are weakened.

As well as being able to pick up and throw items around the environment (incidentally the game gets special bonus points from me for allowing the ladies to casually throw around forklift trucks), the game will also randomly drop items onto the playing field. These range from score-affecting bonuses like multipliers, to sniper rifles and bear traps.

It is of course a very stylish title, which is almost to be expected of Platinum Games. The animations also look gorgeous, and it only adds to the absurdity of the unrestrained violence all the characters are capable of. Indeed, it makes the game just as amazing to watch as it is to play.

Anarchy Reigns is actually somewhat reminiscent of Power Stone in some regards, albeit with a completely different combat system. It’s been over a year since Platinum released a game, and I’m really looking forward to see what else is going to make it into the final product.

Stay Tuned.