PlayStation Universe

Army of Two

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Set in the near future, Army of Two puts you in control of a mercenary team to do paramilitary operations for governments. You will be able to play co-op with a friend, or go through the campaigns in single player mode, giving orders to your partner. However, unlike other games, the AI will decide whether to listen to your orders, based on previous encounters and how well you have been controlling your team.

Single Player:

Your team consists of Tyson Rios, an older, more experienced soldier, and Elliot Salem, Rio's reckless trainee. Throughout the game, you will guide these two through several operations in which teamwork is the only way to succeed. The game will remember and curve the game based around past actions. The way Rios and Salem react to their situations will depend on how you solved past problems.
If you don't make good decisions, your partner will not listen to your orders, making it harder to work together.

Rios and Salem will have to work together to maneuver around obstacles and help each other get through a myriad of puzzles to finish their objectives. Also, when a soldier is down, you will have to help them out by carrying them on your back or moving them out of battle to revive them. Other challenges will be timing and communication, such as rappelling down a wall, where one player will have to act as a counterweight as the other is lowered. Also, the player will have to control both Salem and Rios for such activities as two-man sniping, two-man parachuting, and the ability to share customizable weapons.

All in all, this game looks to bring a main focus to teamwork, while delivering a solid storyline base. EA wants to stress that "Co-op is no longer a mode, it's the game." It will surely be a must have for fans of the genre.


Not much has been announced for multiplayer, however, be sure to expect online co-op modes (1-2 players), as this title is perfect for it. There is no word yet on any death match type modes. Make sure to check back for updates.