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John Woo has entered the gaming venue with his latest game, John Woo presents Stranglehold. Using his film Hard Boiled as ource material, Stranglehold is set to be a direct sequel to the film, and places Inspector Tequila in the underbelly of Hong Kong. As Inspector Tequila you must squelch out an ongoing battle between two Hong Kong triads. Tequila gets involved in this when his daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom.

Stranglehold features fully destructible environments, and things are sure to break as you lay waste to a plethora of enemies. Hard Boiled is known for it's over the top action, and Stranglehold will follow suit. Another great feature in the game is Tequila Time. T-Time functions like bullet time, but unlike bullet time, Tequila will move at a normal rate while his enemies seem frozen in time. This allows for cinematic action sequences aplenty.

More is planned for Stranglehold, such as online play, and a special critcal hit system in which enemies react differently when you shoot them in different regions of the body. The developers have stated that PS3, 360, and PC versions of the game will be identical in every way, save for the control scheme. Stranglehold is scheduled to release with the second wave of PS3 games after launch.