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2 Days 2 Vegas

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This next gen PS3 title made by Steel Monkeys, has caught many people's attenion due to its unbelieable life-like graphics.

The game takes place in Las Vegas where you resume the role of Vinny, a man who has been just released from Rickers Prision. You seek to start a new life of happiness and prosperity when you find out your younger brother Tony has got himself into serious trouble.

2 Days To Vegas is a 3rd person action-adventure game that thrives on intensity and non stop action. Steel Monkey garuantees the game to be full of wreckless car chases, gang shootouts and unexpected story twists, to keep you on the edge throughout the game.

The game will take place in many various major cities throughout the USA and be held to a 48 hour time period. This could be something like a game long countdown that will have you racing the clock constantly to accomplish your missions.

"2 days 2 Vegas" will have everything needed to impress next gen console owners including PC. There will be amazingly large full scale cities capable of non stop living people, brutal car chases and an innovative original storyline to back the whole thing up.