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The Eye of Judgment: Hands On

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My own monster card tried to bite my finger. After all that dragon and I have been through, after all this struggle, maybe I shouldn’t have bopped him on his head. But don’t worry, that’s normal in Sony’s astonishing card-based videogame, The Eye of Judgement, for PlayStation 3.


The game looks hard to play, but it’s actually very simple. Players have a map of nine squares before them. Each of which contains an environmental type -- water, fire, forest, earth and mechanical. Eventually, players take turns putting real character and spell cards on the squares. The character cards represent different types of brawlers in the game, and when a card is played on another card a battle ensues. Win the battle, and aim to be the first player to hold five squares, and you win the game.


For the magic to begin, the player places the card on the physical board, which is also shown on the overhead screen via the PlayStation Eye. The camera skillfully recognizes the CyberCode via a little decryption mechanism from the specific hieroglyphic looking code. The PlayStation Eye, let’s not forget, is a seriously advanced piece of technology in that it’s fully programmable, unlike Sony’s other camera’s. The main shell of the camera recognizes the cyber codes, each with specific value sets for a card element, and position values for the actual monsters via the signal from the card to the camera’s input receiver. Everything and anything can be coded for.

Put down an Elven Berserker Maiden card on a forest square, and watch her do her magic. You don't have to imagine your character stabbing an opponent in the back. The best part is, there is also a little real time cinematic sequence that plays when attacking, not just in plain 3rd person view. This sort of a variety adds to the variety in the reactions you get from the cards when you put them down, another mind boggling feature of The Eye of Judgment. If you pet your card nicely, some might react in favor or others might try to bite your finger off (why Sam! Why!). Something truly unbelievable, however, is the reactions in the way you respond to your monsters. Come in with a punch towards your monster, start looking at an aggressive reaction throughout the game. Pat it gently, and it favors, expect a happy rejoinder.



Each character has an attack range and counter attack range on their card, including information that lets players know how much damage a card can inflict and take. Thus, the game becomes a strategy title as players decide what specific combination of moves will most likely help them to win their game without being taken over for no counter opposition.

Players can play a friend, the computer, or watch the computer battle the computer when The Eye of Judgment arrives. The starter set will come with the PlayStation Eye, a mini-stand for the device, the board map and 30 cards. There will be 110 cards to collect all nicely packaged in packs of eight.

This fall, put away your Swords of Revealing lights! We know we will for our review. And do away with your Exodia too! Eye of Judgment will have you addicted for a whole new kind of battle.