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Hellboy: The Science of Evil Hands On

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As a very colorful and comical display, HellBoy: The Science of Evil on the PSP provides players with remarkable adventures featuring the atmosphere and humor of the comic book and movie franchise.

The PSP version of the game focuses on a story similar to the console versions where our demon's foe, Herman von Klempt, is trying to make monsters promoting the Nazi party. With this, Hellboy uncovers a Nazi plot for world domination and must defeat his foe before he wreaks havoc. While the game shares its basis with the console versions, it has its differences as well. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions feature detailed models of characters, while the PSP version of the game has a design featuring more color and artistic shading through cell shading.

The Science of Evil keeps its comic book roots even in chat dialogue in the game, displaying comic like faces next to all the messages. The comic-like display becomes more apparent on the PSP version than the other versions, and through this, the console versions lose a bit of humor to the series, making them a bit more serious.

The controls for the Science of Evil focus on simplicity; just picking up the PSP and playing it. The left shoulder button shoots Hellboy's pistol, square sends his fists flying for a normal punch, circle lets him grab and throw, triangle shuffles his hands for a heavy punch and X allows him to jump.

We played a graveyard level in the Carpathian Mountains that was challenging but definitely fun, and shot ourselves some bambinis, enemies with rings around their heads. Occasionally, Hellboy would smash in a mausoleum door or toss the top off a tomb, but most of the time our character simply used his pistol.

HellBoy: The Science of Evil is shaping up to be a solid game that provides the necessity of fun for anyone with his PSP. This is a definite must buy for anyone who enjoys the comic outline, and the action-adventure genre.