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SWAT: Target Liberty Hands On

Make sure no one dies! In SWAT: Target Liberty, you are given a squad to command, and you better be up to the game. Sierra adds this game with its action sequences as a solid title to the genre.

Coming as a continuation on many PC games, SWAT: Target Liberty takes a different approach, putting the player in the third person perspective instead of the first. You'll need to be able to command your team of three by keeping track of all that's happening withing the game. Playing the demo, this becomes apparent rather quickly.

Your team slowly steps up to and entrance, and as soon as the door is propped open, bullets are flying. Luckily for us, the squad member's auto-react, but you are not so lucky. We collected the terrorists and had a bit of juvinille fun zapping them with our tazers while they were cuffed. (C'mon, you know it's what almost every person with the game will do at least once.) But alas, there are more hostages. Go figure.

Bursts of action such as these make the game incredibly addicting. As Kurt Wolfe, you'll be in charge of taking your men into battle and giving them the proper orders, from tossing flash grenades and scoping out the place, to using mirrors to see around a corner. Prepare for an all out burst action spree this October 16th, 2007.